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MetroShoe Project 2014

Today wraps the "shoe gives" for the 2014 school year! Its bitter sweet. we love MetroShoe Project and we love to see the kiddos. Every day is better with a new pair of shoes.. We have expanded the program very fast in the last 3 years. It started with 2 schools and this year we did 6! I am not sure what we will do next year, we may stick with 6 schools until we get a better handle on the volunteer situation. Although the project is fun, it is very taxing..

The last school was awesome! We have never been there before and the entire school was so amazing and totally grateful. FD Moon Academy  is proudly led by a wonderful principal that everyone loves and respects. He was proud to see all "his kids" so happy. Certainly makes it all worth it in the end.. I will def remember this school when it's MSP time again and I am feel tired and/or frustrated I will reflect on this positive experience.

Thank you F.D. Moon, what a perfect school to close out the season. We look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces again next year!